Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh what a Day..early June at C...HKD...It was everything I hoped it'd not be...as I remember what a day!!

OK...I just couldn't resist!!  A little levity in writing about a long and trying day!  An appointment opened up for Noah to have his botox with a rehab doctor on Friday...so we were out of the house by 8:30am to get to CHKD by 9:00am(which is a VERY super early hour for our late rising Noah!).  We got there, had Noah in his "room" and waited another almost 1 1/2 hours until they gave him his versed...a medication to relax him.  It's the same med that's given when you have a colonoscopy...you are semi awake, but forget everything after the procedure is over.  We waited another hour with Noah still fully alert until we asked for and received just a little more.  The doctor was afraid of the first versed wearing off, so 10 minutes after receiving the second much smaller dose, she went ahead with the shots.  Noah did fine, not totally relaxed, but very little reaction to the many shots.  The problem came when the procedure was over...Noah was OUT for the next 2 HOURS!!  David and I gave him high powered Mountain Dew in his g-tube....rubbed ice over him...NOTHING woke him up(but my poor baby had goosebumps all over his body).  The nurse told us she needed to get response of intentional looking at her from Noah and awakedness for 15 minutes before she would release him. It wasn't until almost 2:30pm, and a second batch of ice, that we kept him alert for 15 minutes. We got him out of the hospital and to the SUV... David was lifting 155lbs of "jello" into our SUV...his legs got twisted, I untwisted from inside the car and grabbed his shorts to help HAUL him in...we almost lost him to the pavement....he slept all the way home, still asleep as we got him out of the SUV(still a heavy jello boy), and continued sleeping until around 7 that night!!! It is a very difficult thing transporting Noah when he's awake and all conditions are great...extremely difficult, nealy impossible when Noah has surgical procedures.   It was an extremely long and trying day...but we learned an invaluable lesson about versed that day....Noah takes a while to respond to it, but definitely will not give Noah that much EVER again!!  The benefits to his shots will probably not be evident for a few days...I am hopeful that all the effort will have been worth it, and am hoping Noah will get at least a little relief from the tightness in his extremities.  I will say, when Noah was "out",  he was as loose as I have EVER seen him...I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to have his hands and feet like that ALL the time...someday:)!!  Oh what a day....love and blessings to you as we all continue on our journeys:)!!