Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday, Noah !!!

Noah turned 16 on October 19th!!  He had had a restless night's sleep the night before, so he had to be woken up to get the day going.  The Meyers family came to celebrate  in the afternoon( Noah Meyers is my Noah's best friend and has been his faithful companion twice a week with his mom, Felicia, since his injury...what an amazing young man with just as amazing mom and family:)!!!). I made Noah's favorite, spaghetti and meatballs and he had an ice cream birthday cake, both which he ate quite a bit of!!!  He got a call from his sister, Hannah, and her hubby Nic lots of birthday shout outs on his sister's facebook and a call from Grandma was a day to rejoice and celebrate another year of life...and to look forward to the next year with hope in our hearts for Noah's continued healing in mighty and powerful ways!  Thank you for loving our boy and following us in his/our journey...Noah, you are one loved young man...I love you, baby boy!!!  Love to you all, too!!...Lisa

No More Wisdom Teeth...But Boy are We Much Wiser!

On Thursday, September 22nd, David and I took Noah to CHKD to have all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed. It has taken me a while to write about it, for it was a procedure racked with some difficulty and weeks of healing. Noah has been a champion, I think I needed more healing than he did after the surgery.
  At Noah's last dentist appointment, we were told that Noah had one wisdom tooth growing TOWARD his back teeth, and would have to be removed.  After consulting the recommended oral surgeon, he suggested that we have all four teeth removed so Noah would not have to undergo surgery and anesthesia another time for these teeth.  We agreed with his advice and his office set up an appointment with CHKD to have them all removed.    We arrived at 8am...the surgery finally happened at about 11am...was over by a little after 12pm...and we left the hospital at 2:30pm.  The whole recovery time was a bit upsetting ...Noah was on pain meds, but we could tell he did NOT feel well at all and because of his inability to keep his mouth closed for the required clotting time, his teeth were bleeding a lot. How did we know this, you ask?  No, blood was not coming out of his mouth, but when I suctioned his g-tube for gas bubbles before going home and for the next number of days, there was A LOT of blood in his stomach!!  I wound up intermittently putting rolled up gauze in his mouth for the next few days, and that seemed to help, but I had to vent his g-tube at least every hour for gas and to make sure the bleeding was subsiding and emptying his stomach when things got bad..  Gross...huh?? He ran a fever for about a day, but the bleeding was the most difficult part.
  Well, I'd love to say that it all ended after a few days, but occasional bleeding spells happened for the next week and a half...a loosened blog clot....sneezing that made the bleeding start(he finally got on an  antihistamine which REALLY helped!!) was a tough couple weeks.
 It was so hard to watch Noah be so uncomfortable.  He didn't smile or laugh for days after the's funny how even with Noah's limited abilities...when he doesn't smile or know he isn't feeling well, and the sounds of his laughter and his beautiful smile are very missed!!  I gave him LOTS of juice bars crushed up and containers of ice cream during the first week...he LOVED IT and ate and ate!!  There is one interesting thing that happened the second day after the surgery that let me know that I would put his food on hold for another day.
  The second morning after surgery, I came over to Noah's food pump and was going to start his feeding, when I noticed him looking up at the food with a furrowed brow.  I continued hooking everything up...Noah HAD to have some food(with surgery and the 1st day after, I had not fed him much at all!).  Again, Noah looked up at his food bag and machine, and furrowed his brow.  I stood there and know, if I had had surgery, I probably would not be hungry for chicken, peas and cranberries(that's whats in his food) I turned the pump off.  I fed him bowls of  ice cream twice that day and bowls of crushed juice bars just as many, and he didn't hesitate once to eat every last bite, not another furrowed brow that day...THAT is how I listen and hear what Noah is saying by sometimes just  watching his face!
  We are now a month removed, and all is well in Noah's mouth once again...happiness is once again a part of his countenance...and ice cream and crushed juice bars are still a part of the daily menu:)!!  WHEW!!
Blessings to you all!!!