Monday, February 20, 2012

Quiet Times

Just wanted you all to know we're still alive and well here at the Addesa house:):)!!  It has been very quiet around here, of late, though, and not much is really new.
I had an appointment to take Noah for Botox shots, and had planned on going by myself with Noah, as David had a previous appointment... but Emma volunteered at the last minute to go with me.  I was thankful, as I was ABLE to go by myself, now...we have wheels, after all.  This was, though, the very first time that David had not gone to a doctor's/hospital visit at CHKD with Noah and me, and I was a bit nervous that even with a van and not having to transport Noah to and from his chair... I would be alone.  Parking??  Ramps??  Would it be easy to find a parking space that would allow me to get Noah into the hospital easily or by myself?  There are never disabled spaces available in front of the hospital that I have ever seen, in the have to have very early appointments or be willing to wait for an opening.  Otherwise, you park up the ramps and come down the elevator.  I was a bit unsure about all of that.  As it turned out, the whole look and even the ramp design at CHKD had changed since our last visit, so even though we had to park in the leveled ramps, there was more than adequate handicap parking in the bottom floor of the ramps....SUPER!!!!!  Having Emma there was just a great support to me, and I now know that I CAN do it the next time by myself!!  The appointment was the  smoothest EVER....three hours at the hospital, and home we went.  The last couple times with Botox, we have been at the hospital for 8 hours...yes...8 hours!!  So, this was sweet!!  Noah slept for most of the night, upon our return home.  The difference in his arms is uncertain...I think it's better, but not really sure.  His arms DO seem to be able to raise a bit easier, but it is not a WOW kind of difference.
I was sick a couple times since last writing, really the first times I can remember getting sick since Noah's injury, so I am SO THANKFUL, but Noah had a sneezing jag days after I recovered, and I thought he was getting my bug.  I gave him lots of antihistamines and his sneezing was semi controlled, but he was groggy.  With that said, we had to cancel his computer appointment until mid March(the next available appointment), wanting to make sure that he was not spreading "stuff", but also, that he is also very alert when he has his appointment.
Noah's best friend, Noah, and his mom, Felicia, come to stay with Noah twice a week.  I use that time to run errands and grocery shop.  Lately, Emma comes with me and we hang out together.  Last Wednesday, I planned on taking my Noah to Noah's  house.  Emma was sick, but what is sooooooo cool, is that I could do it myself!  Noah seemed to have a great time, his friend, Noah, and his family, loved having him was wonderful and sweet!!  We're planning on taking him again, this Wednesday:)!!
The money from Noah's Wheels that is remaining will  be used towards building a shower for much he AND I will love that!!!!   Noah's shower/bathroom  plans have been completed by the on to the next step...not sure what that is, but let's just say...exciting, changing times at the Addesa house...!!!!   Love to you all, Lisa