Saturday, March 17, 2012

Computer Evaluation

I took Noah to have his computer evaluation this week!  We met with 3 speech therapists who were very sweet and knowledgeable.  The computer that they and I want for Noah is an eye gazing computer, that recognizes the retinas of Noah's eyes and as he looks at items on the computer screen.  He can "talk" to me by telling me what he wants, needs, feels by looking at pictures and words on the computer....  cool, huh??!!!   They gave Noah a number of things to look at, and I think he did pretty well, not having looked at a computer like this in over a year.  The computer set-up they chose had 60 squares (pretty small when thinking about the average size of a computer screen) showing various items as well as actions. They continued to ask him to find various things, but it's when I asked him to look at the thing that Mom drinks ALL THE TIME(for those of you who may not know me too well...I ALWAYS have at least 1...sometimes 2 cups of coffee with me at all times...I LOVE COFFEE!!)...and his eyes INSTANTLY went to the coffee cup...well, I got SUPER excited!!  HE KNEW...and he showed me with his eyes!!!!!  He glanced on it rather quickly, but the therapists saw it, as well...EXCITING!!!!!  They said the next step is to talk to Noah's doctor and then submit for approval...hoping that all will go smoothly!  Thanks for checking to you all:)!!! Lisa