Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Update...Finally!!

I have attempted to write this post a bunch of times and have decided to just tell you, our family has been blessed beyond measure with the recent addition of Noah's shower, but writing has been very difficult for me.  I think we all have ups and downs in life, be it menopause(just being real) and/or just the realities of life as it is, and my love for Noah, well, the combination, of late,  has been one that does not lead me to want to write about life...just saying.  I think sometimes, though, we have to push through those rough and rocky places we find ourselves in...because there are better things beyond them...even if we don't see or feel them. Keeping you updated about God's goodness, despite my "funk" is one of those better things.  So, no books today, just some pics of Noah's beautiful shower and a HUGE thank you for your patience...and thank yous to those couple of friends for your impatience in urging me on to write...18 pics so hope you make it to the end:)...
1.This is the door into the shower/laundry area(former garage)
 2.Open the door into the shower room
 3. Here's Noah's shower and chair(draped with his huge bath blanket/towel...the most convenient and efficient way to dry it)...notice the ac unit that cools and heats at the top right of the pic...sweet!!!  The string hanging from the ceiling is the pull down to the attic...just in case you were wondering.  The shower is tiled on all three sides almost all the way no shower curtain.  We sometimes get a little water out into the "beyond-the-shower" area...but it's tiled, no worries!!
 4.  The room has a toilet(an added thought for the future:)!!) and...
 5.  a sink.  We added the mirror
 6.  These are my boots for cold days when I have pants and socks on so I don't get too wet(I always seem to squirt myself at sometime during the shower:)!!).  I have only used them a few times, I generally prefer flip flops and rolling my pants up!
 7.  This shower doubles as a guest shower(when Hannah and Nic come home or my sister visits...) so  the guest towels are ready for Hannah and Nic next week:)!!
 8.  LOVE that this shower has an adjustable head for all kinds of shower, AND can come out of the hand held alone or in combination WITH the shower...SO nice to keep warm water showering on Noah while washing him with the hand held shower!!
9.  Then, the shower leads into the laundry room!  Beautiful, too...right?!!
 10.  Having lost our garage to this rennovation, it was so nice to have so much storage space put into this room with cupboards galore and a spacious countertop!!
11.  Opposite the cupboards are the washer and dryer and the old cupboards from our original laundry area that were also over the glad we were able to reuse them!
12. The laundry room is the room that contains the two windows that you see from outside the nice to have natural light in this space!
 13.  Another window pic
 14.  Behind the windows are our extra frig and chest freezer...AND storage for my amazing compact ladder(using every inch of available space for storage:)!!)
 15. The washer and dryer from a view by the entrance door to this space.
16. This is the front of the space where our garage door used to be...neighbors love that our renovation looks like a part of the house...not a renovation.  I think it looks amazing!!
17. Shows the little walkway to the side door(which has become our favorite entance to the house, now!!)
18.  And a final view of the rooms in relation to the rest of the house.
Well that's my tour...I am still amazed and so thankful EVERY time I walk in these rooms...which is every day!!!  HUGE thanks to all who had any part in seeing this amazing transformation happen!!!  We are such an incredibly blessed family!!!!
  I will tell you, the first few times I showered Noah, it was a challenge to get him in his bath chair, keep him upright and straight while he was in it...I had thought it would be easy breezy...not so much.  BUT...I also have to tell you that I have gotten better, but SO HAS NOAH!!  He really has adapted to the whole routine and it has been a blast!!  I sing and dance and Noah laughs!! It has BECOME easy breezy!!   And although he can't tell me, I truly sense that showers make Noah happy on SO many levels!!  Not only which...he's cleaner than he's been in 5 more baths with a dishpan and washcloth in bed for Noah...heaven!!!!
 We love you...thanks for bearing with me and loving our family!!  May you and yours be richly blessed this Christmas season as we rejoice at the birth of our Saviour...He is So Good!!!
Will leave you with one final pic of my three beautiful, amazing children I took at Thanksgiving...much love!!...