Monday, May 9, 2011

The Girls are Back in Town

I started writing on Friday, but realized that Hannah's arrival home for the weekend was a surprise to her best friend whose graduation she would be attending, so I held off writing, and now it's Monday.  Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote, it has been a whirlwind week or two at our house!
 Emma arrived home from Brazil on April 29th...and we are thrilled to have her back!! Life has definitely changed with her return, and especially for Noah.  Noah has noticeably been laughing a whole lot more since she's been back...and with Hannah's return home last Friday morning, the laughter went to another level!!  Let me just say...I did not plan on having either of my girls home for Mother's Day, and instead...last minute...last week...had ALL of my children with me on "the day" was SO SWEET!!! To have the house filled with laughter all weekend was HEAVEN!!
  Hannah and Emma would roughhouse with each other, and Noah laughed hysterically...that was also SO SWEET!! But the coolest and funniest thing happened late on Saturday night.  Hannah had gone to bed, and I was trying to get Noah to sleep, so I turned off the lights in his room and the tv.  I was telling Emma about my swollen ankles, and she said she wanted to give me a foot massage...well massage away!!  So, we both sat on the couch and quietly talked while Noah was in the adjoining room(living/dining room).  At one point Emma and I said a couple things to each other which were personal, but pretty funny...and all of a sudden, Noah, who up to that point was so quiet, began laughing hysterically...and laughed...and laughed...and everytime we would repeat what we had said, he would laugh again.  Let me say, this was something that our crazy Noah, 4 years ago, would have found funny...and Emma looked at me and was happily surprised that Noah KNEW what we were talking about.  Sometimes, I think that because of his silence, you're not always sure what he understands...what he's thinking.  He watches tv shows and because he has watched a particular show's episode several times he will begin laughing even before the funny part comes as he KNOWS it's coming.  What was cool about this time, was it was something unsolicited, non repetitive, not spoken before, not expected...Noah was intently listening to our conversation and was totally engaged and aware of our every word...and laughed like crazy at our funny was just another sweet moment of my wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!  Blessings!!


  1. So sweet! Hopefully he will keep it private... ;) Happy Belated Mother's Day to you Lisa! You are a wonderful mother. Love to you. Kelly

  2. That story made me laugh. I can just picture him silently listening until something you said tickled him. Silly kid.

    Love to you all!