Saturday, January 21, 2012

Computer Update

Welllllll....I finally have word on the computer.  There isn't one.  I  was told that the paperwork that I filled out last February 11th was never submitted??!! I think I need to keep from saying much...but will say that after getting beyond my anger, frustration and huge disappointment...decided that , as asked,we are going to begin the process again.  I am not being given any reasons for why, but have simply been told that Noah will have to be re-evaluated for the computer.  I can and do choose to focus on the greater, positive possibilities that  there are now TWO different  eye gazing computers available as opposed to only ONE having been available since beginning the computer "thing" 3 or 4 years I may be able to get one like I REALLY wanted for him a couple years ago.!  That is GREAT news!!  The other cool thing is that, now having a van for him...all I had to do was say, "When can we come in?"...rather than having to check with David to see when we could work out schedules to get him there.  Also, if additional visits are required, I will easily be able to do that BY MYSELF...I cannot tell you how incredibly exciting that is!!!  One more REALLY good thing is that our visits will now be at their offices that are only about 3 miles from our house, as opposed to CHKD in downtown Norfolk a 1/2 hour and 15 miles away(with REALLY difficult and challenging parking...even and especially disabled, there are never any parking spaces it's up 4 to 5 levels of ramp parking).  It's all good...
I am taking Noah in for Botox treatments on Monday.  We saw the doctor back in October, and Noah was due for his shots then.  There is only one rehab doctor at CHKD...2 have left within the last year.  That means there is only one doctor to see all the patients AND do botox treatments.  They told us in October that they could not guarantee an appt for botox until APRIL, but would try to fit Noah in when there was a cancellation.  We got a call this week, and again..."When can we come in?"...I CAN DO IT ALL BY MYSELF, NOW!!!!  Botox is important to keep Noah's limbs from being too tight all the time and will hopefully help his muscles relax a bit!!
Just wanted to let you all know...and will let you know what happens from here with the computer...I love God's goodness and his faithfulness to our son and our family!!!  Much love to you all!!!  Lisa

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