Saturday, May 5, 2012

News to Tell You!!

It has been quite a while since writing...sometimes it seems there just isn't much that's all that new or different...but some really cool things have happened that I just HAD to tell you!!
NOAH GOT HIS COMPUTER!!!!!!  It came in the mail, and we've had it on, but am waiting to get together with a therapist to set up all the specifics and adjust it to his chair(I tried in both areas and think I messed things up a bit...what can I say...I'm EXCITED!!). I am waiting on an official time and day, but believe it will be soon!!  Stay so hopeful that this will open up a new world for Noah and our family!!!!

Noah went to his first movie since his injury...The Avengers!!  AND...he went solo with DAD!!!  David wanted to see The Avengers and we both thought that Noah's reaction to loud sounds seems to have gotten better, so I dressed him, got him ready, helped David get him into the van, and off they went BY THEMSELVES!!  Even though it was opening day, it was a matinee so he guessed there were about 20 people in the show!!  David said that Noah was a bit jolty during the previews, but other than that, just fine!  Noah held his head up for the ENTIRE movie(THAT says something...he rarely keeps it up for ANY length of time) and laughed with everyone else at the subtle humor throughout the movie.  I put "with" in bold, because it wasn't that Noah was laughing at the others laughing at the humor, but David said that Noah was laughing as soon as the humor was spoken...with everyone else.  Just more reminders that our boy is "in there"...he knows what's going on:)!!!!  I can't tell you how excited that STILL makes me...EVERY TIME it happens...God is so good!!
Have more to tell you, but want to take some pictures before I tell you...know this:  GOD ROCKS!!  love you, Lisa


  1. God does ROCK!! You are in our prayers and we enjoy the updates!

  2. This is so good to hear Lisa. So pleased the movie was a success too :0)
    Jenny x

  3. Wow! What awesome news! Is the computer set up now? How is Noah enjoying it? The movie outing makes ME feel excited, yay! Can't wait to hear your next update. :-)

  4. You betcha Noah's "in there"! Just you wait until he masters that computer! He's got five years worth of stories to tell you.

    My family is all on the east coast now. How far is it to you from Boston? ROAD TRIP!! I am encouraging one of the boys from Utah who was struck to fly out and stay with us for a week or so. (Both his mother and I think it would be good for his spirits!) It would be fun to drive down with him and meet Noah!!

    Thank you for the update!!