Thursday, June 6, 2013

Noah's Hospital Visit

Things around the Addesa house have been pretty standard, uneventful, "normal"...until this last week. On Memorial Day, I saw a black shadow in the lower corner of the vision in my right eye.  I googled, and found that I might be experiencing a retinal tear and should see a doctor ASAP.  Only thing was Memorial Day!  Emma also happened to be out-of-town visiting a friend, so it was just David and me at home.  Several calls to doctors with no response, I called Sentara hospital in Suffolk, and they suggested I go to Sentara Norfolk ER, as they had an eye center in the hospital.   I drove myself, while David stayed behind with Noah.  Five hours later, I was diagnosed with a severe retinal tear, and although there was no ability to laser it in the office, it would need surgery,  surgery would have to wait until Tuesday morning.  I had the surgery, have seen the doctor a couple times since and my eye is on the mend.  If THAT weren't enough of a challenge for one week...on the following Saturday night, 4 days after my surgery, Noah was showing us he was in great pain.  The pain did not subside as the evening progressed, so at 2am, I got him dressed and drove him to CHKD's ER.  It was Sunday morning, so David came to the hospital before going to church for the morning services.  He was going to stay, but I felt his message would be a real encouragemet to people, so he left at 5am, as we waited.  Noah finally saw a doctor who gave him some pain medication, but not "finding" any real physical things wrong with Noah, sent us home at 9am with a script for pain medication.  By 5pm, Noah was again in real pain(shaking, furrowed brow, tongue coming out, and red, sweating face and torso and hot to boot).  This time, David and I took him back.  It wasn't until 1am after multiple tests, that Noah was admitted to the hospital.  He was given a room and spent the next two days getting X-rays, catscan, blood work and various other tests to try to find out why he was in such discomfort.  Noah's inability to tell us what is wrong left us and the doctors simply speculating the cause of his discomfort.  Blood in his g-tube while venting him one of the last nights indicated that he might have a stomach ulcer or irritated gastric lining of the stomach.  SO...two trips to the ER totaling 10 hours and 3 days in the hospital, Noah is now on a gastric medication.  The doctors and nurses were wonderful, so the experience was nice as being in a hospital with a child in pain can be, but am so glad and very thankful to be home and have Noah happy and smiling again!!!
Being that Noah has not been in a hospital in 6 years since his injury makes me very thankful and happy!!
Hannah flew in from Nashville to be with us...I am loving having her home, so our time coming home was even sweeter!!  Here is a pic of my three amazing, incredible children...
Hope your week was a great one, and that next week will be even better:)!!!  Lord Bless you all!!!  Lisa


  1. Lisa, I am very glad you took fast action regarding your eye! And I'm happy to know you've recovered. I'm sad to hear that Noah experienced such pain, and also glad to hear that the doctors finally found an answer. You are an amazing mother.

  2. Lisa I'm so glad to hear that everything turned out OK. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of this. You are a huge blessing to Noah. There are not many people who would have the grace that you do.


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  4. Merry Christmas Noah !
    and to Lisa and Family too, God Bless You All !