Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The start of Noah's Blog

Hi, everyone! The idea to start a blog for Noah has been one that I have thought about for a while. I want to personally thank Kelly Palmer for her labor of love to our family by posting Noah's updates on our church website for almost the last 4 years! I have so appreciated all the time and effort that went into seeing that people were informed about Noah's progress, in addition to all of her other responsibilities at church. I am hopeful that this will be a bit easier for her as well as for me to to let you all know about Noah's progress...I will try to write whenever something happens or I have a thought...and not have it slip away before I write something many days later(hey...a couple hours later can be risky sometimes). I'm not sure about my style, but I am who I am...hope you will come back and join me when you can!

The history of Noah's injury is on our church's website: http://harvestva.org/blog.asp
It encompasses almost 4 years of updates, so it is rather lengthy...but to those who don't know Noah or our family, they may prove very helpful.

I am trying very hard to prepare Noah for his eye gazing computer by asking him to look at various things. I have asked him to look at the calendar next to his bed for a long time and he is now very quick to look when I ask him. I asked him to look at his tv the other day. He looked at the calendar. Well, at least he's remembering that the calendar was the thing I have been asking him to look at for a while... expanding our data base will be a little more work than I had thought...but we will get there. Repetition is key for Noah...and I am seeing that it really DOES work. I am remembering that it wasn't that long ago that Noah would not look at ANYTHING besides people when I asked him to look at things ...have to believe that his ability to connect is healing, as evidenced by his looking around at ANYTHING when I ask him to look at things, now...he is at least TRYING...God is good and my boy is too!!
Noah has been LAUGHING UP A STORM early in the mornings, lately. Not just a little laugh. No, the kind of laughter that is so hard that he has to catch his breath and one laugh goes on for multiple seconds. It just leaves me wondering what in heaven's name he could be laughing about. Later in the day after the biggest episode, I reminded Noah that when he starts talking or can tell me on his computer, I want him to remember this day and let me know what he was laughing about...he started laughing hard , again....toooooo funny!!
Thanks for checking in with us, the Lord bless you this week with favor and opportunity!!

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  1. Dear Lisa,

    I love you and the Addesa family so very much. You are such a blessing to me. Your kind words and gestures touch me more than you know. You are such an example of a strong and gentle woman.

    Love you,