Thursday, March 31, 2011

Noah's first office visit with Lynne

Today, David and I took Noah for his appointment with his rehab doctor. There was no "real" reason for our visit, but these are required to update prescriptions and the like. It was a cold rainy day here, and Noah had goosebumps on his arms. He got weighed(gained 2lbs...157) and is scheduled to have a botox treatment at the end of May to help loosen the tightness of his arms and hands. We bit the bullet and asked to get a permit for closer parking for Noah...on days like today, even though we temporarily parked our car in a disabled spot, I had to move our car during the appointment. We learned some VERY sad news today, though. Noah's rehab doctor, Dr. Thorogood, will be moving out of state in the next number of months. We saw her assistant, Lynne, today, and she told us of the doctor's departure. Dr. Thorogood has held a very special place in my heart, especially, from the beginning of Noah's injury. She listened to me, questioned what I questioned, changed things that I wanted changed and couldn't get changed with any other doctor and aligned with our hope for Noah...the thought of seeing another doctor would never occur to me. She will administer Noah's botox in May, but that will be the last time we see her. We love her assistant, but she is not a full fledged doctor, so we would have appointments with her, but also be required to have some appointments with the rehab doctor. Please pray that there will be a great doctor to come and take her place...we were told there is no one at this point...our God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we could ask, think, or hope for...we shall see.


  1. LISA! I am so happy that I can follow Noah's progress on this blog. Thank you so much. I know that keeping up can be cumbersome with everything else that you have to do, but the information Noah gives you via his progress will be so helpful for many, many more lightning survivors! I believe we give each other hope.

    A new doctor for Noah is on his/her way - no worries - and he/she will be a perfect fit for him. Taking care of lightning strike victims is a medical challenge. Rehab doctors will jump at the chance to care for Noah and LEARN from him! Just think of all the lessons Noah will teach his new physician! I am excited for you all!

    I loved talking to you and hearing Noah in the background. His voice is like music! This blog is now bookmarked on my computer and will be checked often. Lots of hugs from Idaho!

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  3. Lisa - I trust the medics provide the best care and help for Noah. My cousin - Lara - has already commented. Having met her a year after her lightning strike, her recovery was progressing with the loving support of her family.

  4. I'm praying right now for an AWESOME rehab doctor! I have certain doctors for my son that I love too and I know it makes a huge difference having someone who you can trust with one of your most precious children. Love ya! And I'm proud of you for doing this blog - you rock! :) Bonnie Murdoch

  5. Lisa I pray that the Lord will surprize you with this new doctor. One that will have even deeper insight. I pray that the Lord will prepare the new Dr's heart and your heart to connect with one another.
    You are an incredible woman of God!!
    much love

  6. I'm so glad I found this blog of yours, Lisa! I got a call today from Jack's developmental pediatrician that the Air Force was moving him to another state. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    This is the doctor who diagnosed Jack almost 5 years ago, an awesome, knowledgeable, caring, and proactive doctor who can work the system perfectly to get his "kids" whatever they need.

    I'm going to pray that both our boys get the new doctors they need.