Thursday, December 15, 2011


The most amazing and wonderful thing happened on Tuesday...Noah was given a van by Chartway Federal Credit Union's We Promise Foundation!!!!! I am still in shock...I keep going out to the driveway to see if it's really real... and just to look at it!!...I cryed...still am, as are our families and friends...TOTALLY overwhelmed...filled with sheer happiness and gratitude!!!  Blessed and loved beyond belief!!! Thank you to Chartway, the We Promise Foundation and all who made this gift happen, we are so incredibly thankful...beyond words, and a with a gratitude that could never adequately be have given us back a part of life that was lost to Noah and our family 4 years ago!!  Thank you!!!!!!
 ...  Here's Noah in our driveway with his new van and sign that We Promise made for his "wheels"!:
And here's a picture of Noah IN his van:
Yesterday, Rebecca and I took Noah for a field trip...first to get ice cream and then to WalMart...what a riot we had and Noah was sooooooo happy!!

Yes, a walmart bag draped over him so you would know where he was.  I am trying to journal with pictures, all the places we travel...what an incredible time we are having!!  The van is BEAUTIFUL and traveling with Noah could not be simpler...I can't stop crying!!  but in a good way!!  Many more pictures and details on the blog my sister, Rebecca began...Noah's Wheels... I have started to write a number of times, but am finding it so difficult to relay everything that took place on that most incredible of days in a very reader friendly way, so may tell it when I can think straight again!  It was a day  filled with not only the most wonderful gifts, but with wonderful people, and was an experience that will remain etched forever in my memory as one of the sweetest experiences and days of my life! Noah and our family are very loved and very'm speechless....God is soooooooo very good!!!


  1. Oh Lisa, I'm overwhelmed with happiness for you, Noah and your family! Thanking God with you for this wonderful gift. SO, SO good to see Noah and his incredible smile!

  2. Really, really exciting news. We are friends with Nic and Hannah and we couldn't be more thrilled for you guys!

  3. Lisa: I am thrilled for you. I have a 44 year old son who in now profoundly retarded and a quadriplegic.He developd normally until age 3 when he began to digress to his present state. I am a RN but 5 years ago I quit work to care for him at home myself fulltime as his longtime aid who cared for him while I worked died. I have remodeled several bathrooms as I also bed bathed Kevin for years. I live in the Great Bridge area. I would welcome you, Noah, and your family to come to my small condo to see the accomodations I have made to care for Kevin. You can also bring Noah and we can put him in my wonderful shower chair and give him a nice warm shower and shampoo. I have a shower chair that reclines. I have a ceiling lift track in the bedroom and in the living room as it had become increasingly hard to lift Kevin. I also have a stander that I will give you. You would place Noah in it, secure him with straps, etc. and it will lift him into a standing position and support him. It has a tray so you could feed him in this position. My Kevin does not sit up straight and cannot hold his own head upright, but the stander still works. I got Kevin another kind so I have this one to donate. Love and Merry Christmas to you and your family. You are not alone....there are other Moms like you. We can help you. Contact me at and I can give you my phone number and address.

  4. Lisa, this is so wonderful! Noah's smile is awesome, he obviously enjoyed his outing. :-) I'm so pleased for you, Noah, and your family.

  5. Love Love Love all the pics! Keep those WHEELS Rollin Noah!