Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Crazy Thanksgiving

I didn't take pictures, but should was a crazy site!  Hannah and Nic were home from Nashville, and to give them and Nic's family a relaxed day, they spent the bulk of Thanksgiving day with Nic's family in Suffolk...we celebrated our Thanksgiving on Friday.  Hannah invited her best friend and her boyfriend to join us, so there were 8 of us total.  The only room large enough to accomodate our kitchen/used to be dining room table, is the living room.  Now, picture this...the living room is connected to our former dining room which is now Noah's bedroom.  The living room has our couch, my computer desk, Noah's massive stander equipment and my massiver(I know, more massive) is basically an all-purpose room.  We can fit 8 people around this table, but it is tight and ESPECIALLY in this space.  Now...the next hurdle...and the thing we are STILL laughing about...the chairs.  When we bought this unfinished table 22 years ago, we also bought and finished 6 bow back chairs(the set was beautiful!)....3 of which broke and are now gone, and one of the three remaining has very few rungs on the fact  it has one on either side but all the middle are gone.  So, that left us needing 4 more chairs(Noah has his own).  We used my craft room chair, my living room desk chair, a folding metal chair(no, not the kind with a cushion)...and one more needed but none to be found.  I went upstairs and brought down my bedroom set bench(Emma said when I did that, she wanted to crawl under the table). I tried to sit Noah as close to the table as possible, but every time someone would say something funny and we would laugh, so would Noah.  Not a bad thing that he would laugh, but every time Noah laughs, his feet go up in the air.  Emma' job(her and I sat on either side of Noah at the end of the table) became to try and keep Noah's feet from shaking the table....I laugh as I'm writing...over two weeks ago and still such a funny thought!!  But, have to say...I thought it was a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!  Who says you need lots of space or fancy things to enjoy holidays and make memories with family and friends...highly overrated. ...hope these holi-"days" will find YOU laughing and smiling... Noah is doing GREAT...still my amazing boy!!   Much love to you and yours!!  Lisa

just a note...the week after Thanksgiving, due to our lack of storage space in our house AND garage, I ordered 4 nice folding chairs on ebay...they fit in my front hall we'll be ready for!!(I might even take pictures!!)

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  1. Sounds like Thanksgiving 2011 was nothing short of perfect!!