Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Noah's getting it!!

Last week I was talking about how I'm beginning to ask Noah to look at things.  Every morning before we do anything else, I give him a "quiz" by asking him to look at a number of things.  I continue to ask him to look at the same things, but in different order.  Today was funny but thrilling for me!  I asked him to look at his tv.  He kind of rolled his eyes, at which point I reminded him that we needed to finish this  before going on to anything.  He then quickly glanced at the tv, then right back at me.  I was thrilled because he didn't look at his puppy calendar first and his tv is NOT an easy thing to look at...it's across the room at an angle, so it was very purposeful!!!  I then asked him to look at the window...THEN he looked at the puppy calendar, then back at me. OK...a little disappointing, but I reminded him that he KNOWS where the window is...and to please look at the window...his window is on the side of his bed opposite the one I was standing on.  He then turned his head and looked at the window...almost like, "I know where it IS....ok...I'll look at it." I sometimes wonder who's testing who...
I am going to try to sometimes write about the little things, as Noah's life is FILLED with little things, but to me, they are big...  Just before writing this, today, I gave Noah a Dove chocolate(ok...I gave myself one, too:)).  With every piece of food I give Noah, I make certain that when I put the food in his mouth, I put the food over to the left side.  It is really habit and I think somewhere long ago, it seemed that he ate things better on that side. Noah's tongue has not been able to move food around, so if it lands on the tongue, swallowing "as is" is almost certain....until today!! I put a piece of the Dove in his mouth, and missed the left side, and saw his tongue MOVE IT to the left side, before he closed his mouth!!!  I was sooo thrilled...ability for mobility of his food is happening...so small, but so huge...and just another little step to healing!!  Much love to you, today...blessings...hope your day is wonderfilled!!

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  1. Ahhh, the little things…those beautiful, little things. If you think about it they are the only things that matter in this world. A smile, a handwritten note, keeping time to music, opening a jar, holding someone's hand. We tend to forget how important all of those little things really are until they are taken away. There are people right now reading this blog that may have their head propped up in their hands not realizing how hard it is for some to manage this simple balancing act. Sitting upright in a chair for many is a very difficult task, but it is something so "simple" that most folks don't think of it as a task at all. Holding a spoon, standing, speaking, swallowing … breathing. All of these things Noah has and will continue to overcome, little thing by little thing. I understand how daunting these milestones are and how exhilarating it feels when they are reached. I applaud you, Lisa, for being there and recognizing how astonishing Noah's progress truly is.