Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thinking on Paper

Since I began writing Noah's updates, many moons ago, I told David that the one thing I DON'T want to do is to speak before something happens.  What I mean by that is that sometimes it "appears" that Noah is progressing in an area, and then the very thing that I mentioned, I don't see again after I've written about it.  I just get soooo excited over seeing something that I haven't seen before, that I have to blurt it out...only to feel bad that, for whatever reason, it was a one time or many time thing, but not a lasting thing. Maybe someone could explain it to me...or maybe there is no explanation....hmmm.    The last couple weeks though, I have been seeing some really cool things, and I am hoping they last and continue.They are things that have been continuing to happen more than once...and appear to be consistent from day to day.  I'd like to say I want to blurt them out(and I will), but with cautious optimism and with thought of having you pray that God will increase and continue....something IS connecting in Noah's brain...and I want to  share for prayer and as encouragement.
Noah has strong tone.  Tone, as I understand it, is something we all have.  It is the thing that keeps us from being limp or stiff, our brain keeps our tone from being too strong or too weak...our tone is just right to enable us to do what we do...walk, touch, move our hands and feet.  Noah's brain is not sending the right signals to his hands and feet, so they are stiff...super stiff in some areas and more on his right side.  Bending Noah's legs has been at times a struggle.  I am pretty strong(I can lift Noah...off the ground:)!!)...but at times trying to bend Noah's right leg can exhaust me.  The very cool thing is that lately, in a moment of exhaustion, I stood there and said to Noah,"I am too tired and refuse to bend your leg.  I am going to wait until you relax and allow your leg to be bent!"  Oh ye of little faith...I can't say that I actually believed that he would relax, only that my words would give me a moment or two to collect my wits and my strength and try again.   Within moments, I felt his leg relax and with ease, I bent his leg.  In the past, no matter my words of encouragement or request...the tone would not relent...there was no change of stiffness.  Now, whether in his bed, or in his chair, after my request, he has relaxed his leg and allowed it to be bent.  The same thing has happened with his left arm, as well...and not just once, many times.  There are numerous incidents and moments that have reinforced to me the belief that Noah's brain is starting to respond...be it in small ways, but respond...and to me, as always, HUGE!!  It is so cool watching his face as I get excited and encourage him with my praise, he has a look like he knows he has done something wonderful and smiles...oh how I love it:)!!
I hang on to the words spoken by one of his therapists a couple years ago.  She said that the tone in Noah's body would have to decrease to allow the muscles to become the stronger "voice" and begin working.  The tone is still strong, but I think there is some "voice" or signal that is starting to connect in Noah's brain to tell his muscles to relax...not all the time, but when he thinks about it ...like when I ask...hmmm...the mystery continues...but I have not been so excited or encouraged in a long time...thank you for praying...pray that it continues, and that Noah's brain will continue to heal.
I hope your week is joyfilled with opportunities to speak words of kindness  and Love...and give smiles to those who need them(not just those that deserve them:)!!).  We love you very much!!  Lisa


  1. Lisa,

    Please don’t hesitate to jump for joy and shout from the rooftops even the smallest of victories that Noah reaches. They are all important and significant even if they occur only once or twice.

    After we’re struck our brain loses its way. It must make new pathways in order to give and receive correct signals to make our muscles work and engage our various activities from breathing to running. Sometimes making those new pathways takes two or three or many, many more times to actually connect. Please rejoice each time you see something new even if you don’t see it again for a while. It is a success nonetheless!

    (The summer after I was struck I was in our family room when I noticed that something had been spilled on the carpet. I went and got a towel, made my way down to a seated position on the floor and put the towel over the spot. I then tried to “pound” it with my fist to soak up the moisture. I wasn’t strong enough or coordinated enough to make that motion let alone make it powerful enough to do any good. I sat there getting more and more angry – at the person that made the spill, at the fact that I wasn’t strong enough, at all of my newfound disabilities, and at the whole world! I decided to stand up and try to step on the spot. Getting up was hard and I was unstable and weak. I was so frustrated that I started to cry. I put my foot on the towel and tried standing on it, but it still wasn’t enough. I thought to myself, “If I could only jump on it!” …… and I did! Tears, anger, frustration and all! It was a one-time event, but I celebrated. I called everyone that cared and told them that I jumped – even if it was only a couple of inches off the ground. My “jumping pathway” is still trying to establish itself, as are many others.)

    We want to celebrate them all, Lisa! Noah is just amazing and deserves all the recognition we can muster.

    Lots of love to you all from Idaho!

  2. That's beautiful mom.. I can't even wait to be there and see it for myself! :) Love you and miss you!