Friday, July 1, 2011

The Botox is Working!

It has been a couple weeks since Botox and there is a noticeable difference in Noah's arms...and even his hands!  The shots were administered in his arms, heels, and even back, but aside from his thumbs...the hands didn't receive botox.  It is much easier to raise Noah's arms...for things like getting him in and out of his chair, dressing him, and putting on his deodorant.  The interesting thing, though, is that in stretching his hands to put his splints on, I have been able to stretch his hands straighter than I can a very long time!!  When I would put the straps of his splints around his wrists, the strap would go to maybe the sides of his wrist and no further.  NOW, I can get the strap to the top of the right hand(and the right hand has more tone and is bent more  than the other hand.  The therapist once said that Noah's right hand would need surgery to  straighten.) and  can comfortably get it almost to the top of the left hand.  The left hand, surprisingly, has been more relaxed than the right, but doesn't seem to get even quite as straight as the right now...go figure!
  We are scheduled to go get Noah fitted for new AFO's...ankle-foot orthoses(orthosis= brace) next Tuesday. Noah has one pair that were made for him at Kluge in Charlottesville when he was first injured, but his toes hang out over the edge, and our wonderful neighbor fixed them when one of the bolts broke that keep the straps on the brace, so it is definitely time for some new ones.  They can be replaced as often as once a I guess to have lasted 4 years is pretty good:)!!
  I called to check on the computer today...answering machine...maybe wel'll know something next week...I'll let you know when I do!!  What do they say...the best things in life are worth waiting for...I'm believing that saying applies here:)!!  Thanks for checking in with us...Much love!!  Lisabrace)ankle-foot orthoses (orthosis = brace)

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