Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First time in Four Years...to the Doctor because Noah is Sick

I am so incredibly thankful to the Lord that in 4 years time since Noah's injury, the only time we visit the doctor is for annual check ups, routine shots or therapy...well, once the ER to put his g-tube back in.  Noah has been one healthy boy all his life, and even since his injury...THANK YOU LORD for healthy children!!!(Emma told me the other day, that she remembers me always saying that while she was growing up...I didn't even remember...)  Noah had been sneezing and breathing strangely for the last number of days, though, and any sounds he would make would sound REALLY deep.  He had not smiled in many days, and even though I had given him benedryl to help his nose (and that explained why he was sleepy and groggy), he was just NOT himself...very quiet...not a smile, a laugh...sort of motionless.  He had trouble sleeping, and yesterday when I tried to suction his nose, he sneezed green and yellow gunk...ewww.  After talking to my sister, Rebecca,  I decided to call the doctor and get Noah on an antibiotic. The call to the doctor's meant a drive to Deep Creek(about a 25 minute drive from our house).
David was going to help me get Noah to the doctor's, but seeing as he was in a scheduled 5 hour meeting at church and although he was willing to drop all and come home, Emma volunteered to come with me. She used to help me take him to therapy, so she's familiar how it works...I love that girl!!  Noah LOVES it when Emma is the one to pull him into the SUV after sitting him on the seat from his chair...he ALWAYS laughs...but never when I do it...it tickles my heart to see how Emma makes him laugh!!  Well, let me tell you...women rock!!  We got Noah into the SUV without dropping him and even hauled his 105lb wheelchair up into the back of the SUV...whew...I mean wow!!  The nurse at the doctor's office could not believe how tall Noah had grown and could understand why I had been so disappointed that I had to bring Noah in(yes, Dr D is a wonderful doctor and/but would not prescribe an antibiotic without seeing him)...a lot of boy to transport...YES HE IS:)!!  I told her that it makes me want to cry to think of having to take him anywhere.  I am 53 and menopausal so I attribute a lot of my emotional angst to my age and season of life, but it is very hard to get Noah places.  Not meant for sympathy or to complain...just reality.  Noah's lungs were clear...YEAH....but his nostrils swollen.  Nasal sprays and an antibiotic...I am VERY glad we went...now he's on the road to recovery with great peace of mind for me!!

Well...the cool thing about all of this.  We got Noah home, started the antibiotics...got him into bed.  When I finally got Noah situated for sleep, I went and layed down.  Then it began.  Noah started laughing...and laughing...and laughing some more.  I layed there and felt like someone had just turned on the most beautiful music!!!  I was tired and thought...you know, when my children were little, I would have yelled, "BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEP!!"...tonight this was the most wonderful sound to my ears...I fell asleep to the sound of my happy boy's laughter...now that's something that make's me want to cry..but this time in a good way!!  Wonder if he was seeing angels??!!  Love to you...Lisa
EDIT: Lest I let anyone believe that I don't need or appreciate my husband's incredible help and his muscular braun...my arms and shoulders are very sore tonight...but women still rock!!

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  1. Women DO rock. YOU rock! My baby will be 15 when I'm 53. She's just about 4 now. Your story reminds me to celebrate every single moment. Just when you brought me to tears, you finished by bringing me a big smile at Noah laughing. I think he laughed because it was a good day (despite having to go to the doctor). I really hope he feels better soon, and that you get some good rest.