Monday, July 11, 2011

No AFOs for a While

We took Noah to his appointment last week for a new pair of AFOs(ankle-foot orthotics). Noah's feet were too full of tone and the therapist could only move his feet to a +5 degree of flexibility, not what she needed to cast his feet for AFOs.  His present braces appear to have been made at a neutral position for his feet, but because of Noah's tone, the therapist said she needs the bend of his feet/ankles to be at a -5 to -10 degrees(so she will not have to struggle with Noah's tone to get a perfect cast) in order to make the cast for his AFOs.  Sooooooo........Noah is going to have to be cast before he's have his feet put in casts to break up the tone a bit and give his feet more bend before he can be cast for AFOs.  Summer is not a good time to cast, for heat and sweat issues, so we will wait until the cool of the fall before getting casts on his feet. Casting does not hold good memories for me.  Noah's left foot(the strong tone side) was cast once while at Kluge when the thought was it would help to decrease his tone a bit.  Only a few days after casting, when the cast was removed to see how his foot was doing, and then to put another cast on, his foot were covered with sores, places the skin had come off because of Noah's strong foot pressure against the cast.  He had to wear moleskin for a week... and never had another cast on his foot.  The thought does make me a little apprehensive, as sores of any kind on someone like Noah can be harder to care for and can so easily become worse instead of better.    His present AFOs have been so good...perfect fit, no red marks on his feet after wearing for hours, they fit him like a glove(made at my favorite place, KLUGE!!), only his toes hang over the edges when he he WILL need some new will just be a while...and a wait. Until then, we will have another opportunity for a botox treatment that will hopefully continue to loosen his tone, I will stretch as much as I can, and I will continue to pray that Noah's strong tone will continue to subside and return to normalcy.  David called about the computer today...another answering machine...we will keep trying!!!!   Thanks for checking in with us, and thanks for your prayers...I am convinced that prayers are what keep Noah improving and what keep David, me and our family doing sooo great..thank you from the depth of my heart!!!.God is sooooooooo good!!!!!   Love to you!!!  Lisa


  1. AAAHHHHHRRRRGGG! Darn it. I applaud the patience that you, Lisa, and David and Noah are exhibiting. Fingers are crossed here in Idaho hoping that all goes well with Noah's next Botox treatment and upcoming AFO casting this fall.

    Keep up the good work Addesa's!

  2. You are all to be commended for your trust in the Lord...truly He is our only hope in times like these. Rest assured that we pray daily for Noah, the entire family and for your ministry there in Virginia. Needless to say it can only be the Lord that gives you what it takes to walk the road you are on. We continue to believe God for the miracle that is needed and we KNOW that we serve a God of miracles. How fortunate we are to have experienced His greatest miracle....our salvation and all the "perks" that go with that.

    Many (((hugs))) and blessings from Georgia.

    May God richly bless each one of you in specials ways every day!!

    In HIS abounding love,

    Glen and Marilyn Enlow